Termites are very destructive to wood and wood products and if untreated, can cause major damage to your home. Termites can destroy the structure and supports of your home, along with subfloors and walls.

If you notice floors and walls that sag, floors that pop up, bubbling and peeling paint or wood that crumbles easily, make sure you have an inspection.

Here are some of the signs of termites:

Termites feed on dead plants, tree wood and wood in the soil. Termites can tear wood with their mouths. You can take precautions around your home and try to eliminate any excess moisture. Also keep firewood and lumber away from your house.

If you notice any of the signs above, give us a call to complete an inspection.

Now that the weather is cold and winter is here, this is the typical time that mice will be moving indoors for shelter and food.


Signs of mice in the house include:


The best way to eliminate mice from your home is to remove the food source and shelter. Seal up any holes around pipes or gaps around doors or windows. Keep floors, sinks and counter tops clean. Do not keep pet food out or food on the ground around bird feeders outdoors. Keep all food in airtight containers.


You may need to get help professionally to eliminate the mice, and obtain professional advice on how to reduce or eliminate the chances of their return. Give Liberty Termite and Pest Control a call to schedule your next appointment.